GODS: Score Hunt
Lately I've played Gods a lot to find locations where all the different bonuses for Speed, Health, Lives and Score drops to add them in the guides sometime.

It's clear that one player can't get them all in one run because of the sophisticated and complex bonus system in Gods, but I think it's interesting to find out what a score is possible at all playing a certain Level of the game.

I know that some skillful and clever players visit this site from time to time and that competition can be a strong motivation for playing games, so I've set up this Score Hunt as a challenge for you to beat the high score and to show us what's possible with clever playing.

The Rules
No competition without some simple rules.

- no cheats, no trainers because this challenge relies upon honesty and you'll only cheat yourself
  so don't bother submitting 'fantasy' scores, because we know what's possible (and what's not)

- only scores of the Amiga, Atari or PC versions are applicable for this challenge
- using emulator savestates is tolerated

The aim is to gain the highest total score for Level 1.
Checkpoint is the Level 1 exit after the all bonuses are summed up to the score.

If you want to participate on the Score Hunt send me a screenshot showing your highest score at the End of Level 1 and I'll post it right here.

Are you ready and accept this challenge? We will see...

twizzle 30 Aug 06 - Score: 179122 Points (Amiga)

Raj Babu 02 Jul 04 - Score: 178743 Points (PC)

kametyken 5 Apr 03 - Score: 178153 Points (Amiga)

tenim 3 May 03 - Score: 176144 Points (Amiga)

Dastardly 4 Apr 03 - Score: 172790 Points (Amiga)

Give us your best shot!
(submit your score)