two-o-one-o is near...
20 Dec 2009, 20:06 by kametyken
Yeah, I'm still alive, Dast is still alive and El Torro is still alive too.
Our website is plagued by SPAM and nasty script code, but still there too*.

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010, y'all.

*btw. If anybody knows a reliable, safe and not-so-expensive - read: free ;) - webspace provider, lemme know. Okay?

Cadaver/Pay Off update
17 Jun 2008, 00:36 by kametyken
Today I have to say 'Thank you' to Steve Rennie for doing me and -consequently- this website a very big favor with sending me all the room names for Cadaver and The Pay Off and for his walk throughs for both sets of levels with different and easier ways to solve some puzzles. Steve was so kind to share his findings with us, so here are his guides for Cadaver and The Pay Off.

Thanks a lot, Steve, for doing a great job writing these docs and for making level maps with room names for me.

Steves walkthroughts are also available in our Downloads section and I'll finally update the guides in the Cadave shrine with room names when I find the time.

Gods Deluxe
11 Nov 2007, 22:17 by Dastardly
Jotd has released a public beta for his Gods Deluxe project.

All the levels from the original are present as well as a custom created level from jotd himself and even a level editor for creating your own.

All fans of Gods should definitely check this out.

Great work jotd!

Speedball 2 to arrive on XBLA next week
09 Oct 2007, 20:08 by Dastardly
According to Joystiq Speedball 2 will be arriving next week for Xbox Live Arcade.

Read more here

Bring on Chaos Engine!

Speedball2 coming to XBLA
10 May 2007, 20:07 by Dastardly
A high defiinition remake of Speedball 2 is heading to XBox Live arcade this summer. Featuring more teams, downloadable content and the ability to paste your mates online, this could turn out be be great!

"Get Ready""

R.I.P Richard Joseph
05 Mar 2007, 20:14 by Dastardly
It is with great sadness that I have to announce that Richard Joseph has died.

After being diagnosed with lung cancer earlier this year, RJ lost his battle on the 4-3-07.

I'm sure all The Chaos Regime's visitors will be very sorry to hear this news and wish his family all the best through this extremely tough time.

Thanks for the great music RJ, Bitmap Brothers games wouldn't have been the same without it.

You will be remembered.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
23 Dec 2006, 16:30 by kametyken

Thanks to charliestumpy for scanning the Bitmap Brothers' Season Greetings from 1991.

Bitmap Bros remakes for 2007?
30 Sep 2006, 20:04 by Dastardly
It appears that German developers Frogster Interactive have secured the rights to two of the Bitmap Brothers classics The Chaos Engine and Speedball 2. Both remakes are due for release in 2007. Lets hope they live up to the originals.
Thanks to Gerry via the guestbook and Bloodwych at EAB for the news.

Gods Marathon 2006
13 Aug 2006, 22:27 by kametyken
It seems that twizzle is on a Gods marathon. He got a score of 36.595.626 points after the 10th completition of the game, and he's goin' on for more. Impressive stuff!

Let me point your attention to this guestbook entry...

a must see for ANY bitmap brothers fan!

...over there's a long play movie of a completition of Gods (201MB). Watch how to play Gods and relax. It's pretty cool! ;-)

new years update
14 Jan 2006, 0:00 kametyken by kametyken
Let's start 2006 with a scanned ad for The Payoff, some of John Foxx' original tunes for Gods and with Xenon 2000. Thanks to Gerald for the scan and our favoured composer, Richard Joseph, for posting the tunes over at the EAB. Another good news from the EAB is that Nation 12's Album 'Electrofear' is finally available to buy.

That's new:
Mag Scans: Ad for Cadaver: The Payoff
Downloads: 3 original Gods tunes, Xenon 2k, anims showing Speedball 2 & Chaos Engine running on telephones ;).

Merry Christmas!
21 Dec 2005, 21:00 by kametyken
Hi Folks,

just before Christmas it's time for the last update in 2005. Thanks to all our visitors and our forum members. A merry Christmas and a Happy new Year, with even more Bitmap Brothers nostalgia right here!

Mag Scans

scanned by Dastardly:

Amiga Power May 1991: Review of Gods

Amiga Power May 1991: Interviews with Tom Watson, Sean Griffths and Steve Kelly

Games TM Retro Issue 4 March 2003: Interview with Mike Montgomery

scanned by HungryHorace:

Amiga Computing October 1989: Review of Xenon 2

Amiga Format ?: Review of Xenon 2

Amiga Format December 1990: Review of Cadaver

misc. scans

3D Boxes

09 Oct 2005, 23:49 by Dastardly
kametyken and myself proudly announce the opening of The Chaos Regime's very own forum.

Everyone is welcome so come along and chat with like minded individuals who have an appreciation for some of the best games ever made.

The Chaos Engine 3-Player Beta on video
04 Oct 2005, 00:30 by kametyken
Today, I've received this email from Qube aka Spacey Kat...

Finally got the early video of 3 player chaos engine, as shown on gamesmaster tv.. have extracted the preview into a 5 mb wmv...

...and here it is: The legendary 3-Player Beta of The Chaos Engine on video!

Thanks a lot to Qube for this rare bit of gaming history!
Grab the video file from our Downloads section

...fresh out of The Blue...
29 Sep 2005, 00:46 by kametyken
I'm glad we can proudly present Buejooz' brand new remix of the famous Speedball 2 Theme. Grab Blue's lates track 'Speedball05' from our Downloads section.

The Return of the Guestbook
09 Jun 2005, 19:30 Dastardly by kametyken
We've had some problems regarding the Guestbook, Visitors Comments and the Mag Scan section in the last days. All datafiles were restored and everything runs fine again. :) Sorry for the inconvinience.

new scans and something 'bout Karate ;)
17 May 2005, 17:00 by kametyken
I've added scans from some old German Amiga Mags I've found in my parents attic last week to the Mag Scans section.
Did you ever know that the founders of The Bitmap Brothers were responsible for the, let's say 'mediocre', Amiga Karate game back in 1987? No? You might also check the impressive World of Spectrum for some very early workpieces of Steve Kelly and interesting informations.

That's new:
- Magazine scans: The Chaos Engine 2, Interviews with Eric Matthews and Tom Watson ...

1st Lemon Amiga Games Competition
09 May 2005, 16:00 by kametyken

The 1st Lemon Amiga Games Competition has ended one week ago and here are the final results.
You'll find the Top Five Players and their scores on our new Score Hunt page.

1st Lemon Amiga Games Competition
13 Apr 2005, 15:08 by kametyken
Dastardly and me invite all our fellow visitors to participate in the 1st Lemon Amiga Games Competition. The name of the game is The Chaos Engine and the task is simple: play The Chaos Engine (Amiga ECS version) without using cheats or savestates and post a screenshot of your final score in the forum. The competition runs until the 1st of May 24:00 GMT, the TOP 5 players will get a place in our Score Hunters Hall of Fame here at The Chaos Regime.

Good Luck and Happy Chaos Engineering!

03 Apr 2005, 00:00 by kametyken
While scanning the horizon for something new to post here, I found out that Jean-FranÁois Fabre (JODT) has released WHDLoad Installers for several Bitmap Brothers Game Demos some weeks ago. I've updated the Demo Downloads accordingly.

SuperTrunks has successfully squeezed 179166 points out of the 1st level of Gods. Impressive!

news from the jooz ;)
20 Feb 2005, 23:00 by kametyken
Bluejooz has sended me his brandnew track 'In2 the Wonderful 2005' today and I must say I like it a lot. Download his tune, start your player and pump up the volume - it's awesome stuff! And if you like this, visit his website for some more cool electronic music. Enjoy!

*phew*...promise fulfilled ;)
06 Feb 2005, 23:45 by kametyken
The manual for Speedball is finally available.

21 Jan 2005, 02:00 by kametyken
With this update we offer downloads of game tunes and Remixes of game tunes in our Download section, you'll find the Game Demos here too.

Back in 2002 we had high hopes in Crawfish Interactive's port of Gods for the GBA, well the Crawfish went belly up and the rest is'll find a Quicktime Video of the unfinished GBA port of Gods in the Download section.

Thanks to Bluejooz, Dave Clulow, HegedŻs JŠnos, Malc Jennings and the other Remixers.

"...Ho, Ho, Ho..."
22 Dec 2004, 16:00 by kametyken
We wish our friends all over the world a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thanks for visiting our website, thanks for your support and contributions!

...and DON'T SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT while practicing with your brandnew
"Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred-shot range model air rifle". ;-)

Advent update #4
19 Dec 2004, 12:00 by kametyken
Here are the last five Mission Guides for Z (without the Expansion Kit).
For the Expert Missions you have to wait 'til the next year. ;)

That's new:
- Z section: Mission Guide (Missions 16-20)

Advent update #3
12 Dec 2004, 12:00 by kametyken
Hey, tired listening all those Christmas songs they used to play on the radio over and over again at this time of the year? Well, do your ears a favour an have a break with David Clulow's version of Into The Wonderful. Thanks, Dave!

Download'n'Enjoy -> Into The Wonderful (2.2mb zipped mp3)

That's new:
- Z section: Mission Guide (Missions 11-15)

Advent update #2
05 Dec 2004, 19:00 by kametyken
As promised, the next five missions are available in the Z Mission Guide and some new links were added to our Links section.

That's new:
- Z section: Mission Guide (Missions 6-10)

21 Nov 2004, 03:00 kametyken by kametyken
Well, it seems there are at least two leaked preview copies of Xenon for the Atari ST. The first still has the original title KELLY X, it's playable but unfinished, in the second the name is changed to XENON, but it's showing the Arcadia Systems logo at the start and in the games data you'll find the following message from the Bitmap Brothers:

"This is a pre-release copy for reviewers & distributors.
The disk has been serial numbered & logged. You may not make any copies of this game.
Futhermore, it must not be show, lent or given to any unauthorised people.
The BITMAP BROTHERS will take legal action against any company breaking the law.
We are sorry for stressing this point, but once bitten, twice shy."

Thanks to all who had participated on the Xenon thread last month over at the Atari-Forum.

...go and see what's in the Box!
15 Sep 2004, 23:30 by kametyken
Today I got a mail from a well known collector of Amiga Games, talented Webdesigner and friend of this website ;). Phil from annouces the opening of his Amiga Game Museum, a compact and neat designed source of information for all who want to know the "What's in the Box" and more.

Congratulations for the first 10.000 visitors and my respect for this excellent work, phil!

...some more 'Z'tuff
12 Aug 2004, 23:00 by kametyken
That's new:
-Z section: some funny images and an old article 'bout Z and other real-time war games

Gods Score Hunt: New High Score!
04 Jul 2004, 21:00 by kametyken
Raj strikes again...and has successfully beaten my score in the Gods Score Hunt challenge.
With a final score of 178.743 points he is now leading our High Score.

What can I say, he's a master of this game! Respect for that!

Are you GOD enough?

Are you GOD enough?
27 Jun 2004, 12:00 by kametyken
Some time ago I've started a little competition in which I challenge visitors to beat my score for the 1st Level of Gods.

After a long time of silence a new contender shows up today ... and slighly missed the top score.

However, Raj was doing pretty well and placed 2nd with this impressive entry in our High-Score.

Will he beat the Webmasters score soon?
Can you - nameless visitor - do it better than Raj, or even better than me?

Are you GOD enough?

new demo d/l
08 May 2004, 14:00kametyken by kametyken
That's new:
- Game Demos: Xenon 2 Demo (Amiga)

Many thanks to _Steve_ ( for this!

Anniversary Update
06 Mar 2004, 01:00 by kametyken
Some time in the last century....*oops*...well, three years ago and unbeknownst to the world an experimenter with almost no knowledge of html (and all the other stuff) created a bizarre webshrine for the game Gods. Mainly as an experiment and a private project for learning the know-how of building internet pages. A webshrine for Cadaver followed in Summer 2001 and in December 2001 the whole thing found its home under the domain

Almost exactly one year ago the last big project was released: The Chaos Regime, which should be a tribute to The Bitmap Brothers and their games - and with some help from the friends of this website, it's finally here, done and finished...well almost.

Today the last games section will be included, it's still incomplete but the main part was already written six months ago therefore I release it now, because it makes no sense to keep this stuff locked away on my hard drive any longer. I'll release the missing stuff when it's finished. The game I'm talking about is Z.

Lately some lost game demos and US game boxes arrive, this time it's a demo of Xenon 2 for the Atari ST, which was kindly donated by X≥peri_MENTaL - Thanks! - and the US release of The Chaos Engine which is available as 3D Box.

That's new:
- Z section: with most of the 'usual' stuff, manual and 'official' game help
- Game Demos: central Demo download section, the Xenon 2 demo for the ST is new
- 3D Boxes: The Chaos Engine (PC CD-ROM/US) and Z (German)
- Speedball 2: Team Stats added - according to a wish and with help of a visitor ;)

This will probably be the last big update, because most of the things I wanted to see on the site are done and the site looks pretty complete (IMHO). From now on I'll concentrate myself a bit more on others things, however I'll still maintain the site and pay the bill, but updates will be fewer and they'll depend on contributions from visitors. If YOU have something to say or something to contribute to this website, feel free to use the Visitors Comments or send me a mail (webmaster@->THIS DOMAIN<-).

Mission completed...

...a demo for Spacey Kat
22 Feb 2004, 16:26 by kametyken
The demo of 'Gods' for the Atari ST is finally available.
Thanks to Mike Duncan (Mikes Web Archive), who was so kind to send me the ST Format Disk #21.
The complete ST disk image is available here. update
31 Jan 2004, 00:19 by kametyken
We've got an interview scanned from the January '91 Issue of 'ST Format' and some pretty rare gamebox stuff (at least on this side of the pond) in the 3D Box section.

Thanks to Marten Maartens for the interview and Oliver Knagge for the box scans.

Thats new:
- The Brothers: article about the 'Bitmap Bros. split with Mirrorsoft' and 'How they've met'
- 3D Boxes: US version boxes of Speedball and Magic Pockets

Bitmap Brothers Games - where to buy?
28 Sep 03, 00:00 kametyken by kametyken
From time to time I get mails from visitors asking where they can buy Bitmap Bros. games for PC. Well, Gods, Magic Pockets, Speedball 2 and Xenon 2 are still sold by Crucial Entertainment
(you may use this Link to go directly in their catalogue).

Summer Update
09 Jun 2003, 13:00 Dastardly by kametyken
This will be the last update before the Summer Break, don't expect new stuff until September.
Enjoy the Summer!

Jorpho has scanned some more stuff for the site and Olli does me the favour to send me scans from the US versions of Gods and Speedball 2 so we can watch them now as 3D Boxes.

That's new:

The Chaos Regime
  • Magazine Scans: A new section for Pre-, Reviews and Advertisements scanned from Game Mags
  • 3D Boxes: US versions of Speedball 2 and Gods added as 3D Boxes
  • Magic Pockets: scanned review and advertisement added
  • The Chaos Engine: scanned Character Cards added (see Manual)

  • Gods Shrine
  • general playing tips and Achim's Shopping Guide added

  • At least one visitor has sent his score to our Gods Score Hunt Challenge:
    Tenim reached 176.144 points! IMPRESSIVE! :)

    Can YOU do it better???

    April Update
    23 Apr 2003, 00:00 by kametyken
    Some new magazine scans arrived from Gerald and T.R. Schmidt and a few days ago and I've took the chance to buy Xenon, Magic Pockets and The Bitmap Brothers Volume 1 complete and in very good shape from phil. If you're looking for some Amiga games visit phil's page

    If you're looking for a legal copy of Gods, check these auctions at eBay(.de) for an Atari ST and a (sealed!) PC version - if you can afford ;).

    That's new:

    The Chaos Regime
    - 3D Boxes: Xenon, Magic Pockets and The Bitmap Brothers Volume 1 added as 3D Boxes
    - Xenon: Box scan, some screenshots and manual added
    - Magic Pockets: Box scan added
    - The Chaos Engine: several magazine previews added as scans and 'Text only'

    A word to our Gods Score Hunt Challenge - until now Dastardly and me are the only who participate with scores in this competition. It's hard to believe that there are no competent and clever Gods players under the visitors of the site.

    31 Mar 2003, 00:00 by kametyken
    Dastardly had reviewed Speedball, Achim told me about some Tips'n Tricks for Gods, a whole bunch of playable Demos were added and...

    ...we've started the Gods Score Hunt highscore challenge!

    That's new:

    The Chaos Regime
    - Gods Score Hunt section added
    - Speedball section with review and screenshots is available
    - Cadaver: downloads of all Demo versions (Amiga, Atari ST) added to this section
    - Gods: Demo downloads available (Amiga, PC)
    - Magic Pockets: Demo downloads added (Amiga, Atari ST, PC)
    - The Chaos Engine: Demo downloads (Amiga, Atari ST, PC) and
    a German preview, showing the obscure 3 Player Chaos Engine beta, were added

    Gods Shrine
    - additions to the Guide of Level 1 ...more soon...

    New Additions!
    15 Mar 2003, 18:00 by kametyken
    Jorpho surprised me by flooding my in-boxes with 27MB of scans.

    Dastardly decided to take a closer look at Xenon and write a review about it.

    Gerald M.-B. donated the Atari ST version of the Cadaver 'Gatehouse' Demo a few days ago.

    greeboski gave us a share of his knowledge about Gods which was added to the guide of level 3.

    Thanks a lot!

    That's new:
    - Xenon section (The Chaos Regime/Bit-O-Graphy)
    - scanned English magazine review (Cadaver Shrine)
    - scanned English magazine preview, additions to the guide of level 3 (Gods Shrine)

    New look! More content!
    28 Feb 2003, 00:00 by kametyken
    Hello and Welcome to The Chaos Regime!
    Next to the WebShrines for Gods and Cadaver this site will bring you informations to all classic Bitmap Bros. games from now on. The heart of the new site is the BIT-O-GRAPHY section in which we've listed every 'classic' game developed by the legendary british Broderhood. Here you'll find a lot of informations about these games including a review by Dastardly and a more or less comprehensive game help section for most of the games. Some game's sections are still in progress (and unavailable), but the most important games are already covered.

    THE BROTHERS and the SPECIAL sections are still under work and therefore not available at this time.

    We've added a simple messageboard system (Visitors Commets) and a Guestbook, please make use of this facilities and let us and other visitors know what you think about the games or this site.

    Thanks to Jorpho for sending 140 MB (yes!) of scanned material from various Game Magazines!

    ...and now: Have Fun!