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The Bitmap Brothers Home Page

BIZ - simon bisley on-line
The man who did the box art for
Cadaver The Payoff and Gods.

Glenn Fabry's website
The comic illustrator Glenn Fabry created
the famous box artwork for Speedball 2

The ZZone - The Fansite for the Game 'Z'

GODS Walkthrough
The 1st Gods Tribute page!

The Sanctum
Dastardly's Bitmap Brothers Games Review Site

The Chaos Engine
Nice (but abandoned?) Bitmap Bros. Tribute


WHDLoad Support Page
Home of the famous Amiga HD Installer

Jean-François Fabre's Home Page
T.R. 'Wanderer' Schmidt's Tribute to Classic Games -
phil's collection of boxed Amiga games and museum
Bluejooz' electronic music is class stuff. Highly recommended website!

Fansite for the well known developer Team17. Great stuff!

The Thalion Source
Fantastic Fansite for the German game developer Thalion in German language.



Hall of Light

English Amiga Board

- Atari ST -

Atari Legend


- DOS Games -

Home of the Underdogs

DOS Games Forum

- General - (in German language)
Reviews from German Computer- and Videogame Magazines (in German language)
Kultboy's site presents Reviews from German Computer Magazines.
The nostalgic game museum. Over 10.500 games out of the systems Amiga, Atari ST,
C64, CPC, Atari, AppleII, PC. Many informations, a forum (café) and many more...

The Fire-Button
Computer and video game community Site

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