12 Aug 2020
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Welcome to The Chaos Regime

This site was set up to bring fans of the Bitmap Brothers games a website with information, reviews,
tips'n tricks, cheats and everything else related to the Classics of the Bros.

It is a collaboration between kametyken (GodsCountry) and Dastardly (TheSanctum), and its our aim to combine our previously seperate sites into one, to create the tribute these classic games truly deserve.

Included in these pages are the individual tributes for Gods and Cadaver.

GODS Country
CADAVER Secret Shrine

Features: Rework of the manual, solutions of all levels and most secrets with maps, previews, animated sprite rips, tips & tricks

Downloads: Demo version and HD installer for Amiga, level maps in original size

Enter Betreten

Features: Manual, story line, full solution with maps and screenshots of all rooms, previews

Downloads: Demo versions (Amiga/ST) and HD installer (Amiga)

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two-o-one-o is near...
20 Dec 2009, 20:06 by kametyken

Yeah, I'm still alive, Dast is still alive and El Torro is still alive too.
Our website is plagued by SPAM and nasty script code, but still there too*.

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010, y'all.

*btw. If anybody knows a reliable, safe and not-so-expensive - read: free ;) - webspace provider, lemme know. Okay?

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posted on 22 Feb 2011, 10:06 by charliestumpy in the Cadaver Section
... I won't post these again, but most UK

mornings they can be found legally via

fine Soulseek.

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