Bitmap Brothers Game Boxes in 3D

I saw some awesome 3D Gameboxes at MAGC and thought that it was a brilliant idea to present Gameboxes this way, so I've made VRML files from the boxes I have in my collection.

Please visit Marc's site:

- Main Releases -
Xenon Cadaver (Amiga) Xenon 2 (Amiga) Gods (Amiga) The Chaos Engine (Amiga) Speedball (Amiga) Cadaver - The Payoff (3D-Box not available) Speedball 2 (Amiga) Magic Pockets (Amiga) The Chaos Engine 2 (Amiga)
Z (German Version)

- Compilations / Budget Releases -

Bitmap Brothers Compilation Bitmap Brothers Volume 1 Cadaver & The Payoff Kixx XL

- US Releases -

Gods (DOS PC/US) Speedball 2 (PC/US) Magic Pockets (Amiga/US) The Chaos Engine (DOS PC/US) Speedball (Amiga/US)

- Conversions -
Gods (Sega Mega Drive) Gods (Sega Genesis) The Chaos Engine (Sega Mega Drive) Soldiers Of Fortune (Sega Genesis) Gods (Archimedes) Gods (SNES) The Chaos Engine (SNES) The Chaos Engine (CD32 - Spectacular Voyage) The Chaos Engine (CD32)

You need a VRML viewer plugin to watch those 3D boxes !
Marc suggests using blaxxun Contact and I must say it works great!

Just click on the box you want to see as 3D model.
The 3D Boxes are between 100kB - 200kB in filesize.

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