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Mission Guide
Virgin Soldiers

You'll start the level with three groups of grunts in territory 8. Send one to 7, one to 5 and one to 9. Change the fort factory to manufacturing jeeps. The groups heading to 7 and 9 should find jeeps. After they get the jeeps, send both grunts and jeeps to 4 and 6 respectively. Save the game as soon as you do this.

Now, each jeep will have to fight an enemy jeep. If your jeeps lose, reload the mission (yeah, who cares if it's like cheating). If they win, send them in to 5 to defend there the original group of grunts. Send jeeps after any remaining enemies, and capture 1 and 3 while you're doing this.

To take the fort, just swamp it with as many jeeps as you can. All you will have to fight is a gatling or two (depending on how long you've taken up to this point).

RF=Robot Factory - VF=Vehicle Factory
RA=Radar Station - VR=Vehicle Repair

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Mission Guide text from A. Nickerson's Z FAQ. Used with author's permission.

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