Released: 1996 Published by: Renegade

Platforms: PC (DOS & Win95), Playstation, Sega Saturn, Apple Macintosh

Credits: Eric Matthews (Gamedesign), Steve Tall, Simon Knight,
Martin F. Godber (add. Gamedesign), Steve Tall, Bruce Nesbit,
Mike Montgomery (Code), John Philips, Steve Cargill (add. Code)
Mark Coleman, Chris Thomas, Terry Catrell (Graphics)
Dan Malone, Doug Walker (add. Graphics), Chris Maule (Sound)

Description: Realtime Strategy

"Z is a riotous race for supremacy between armies of space-faring robots. Your one aim in life as the commander of your forces is to conquer planets and totally wipe out the enemy forces. To do that you'll have to take charge of your robot units and direct them in battle. The action is fast and furious. Be prepared to make life and death decisions on the spur of the moment Remember, in Z, hesitate and you've had it!"

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An Amiga version was announced in 1998 to be made by clickBoom, but it was never released.

Z95 (Win95 version of Z) includes a Map Editor for building multi player maps, 15 additional 'Expert Missions' and a Desktop Theme.

There was a special edition of Z called 'Z Platinium'. It comes in a big black box containing two CD-ROM (Z and the 'Directors Cut'-Demo), a Mousepad , a Pin, a Key Chain and a cool black T-Shirt (Size XL).

You may read this old article appeared in the Computer Retail News magazine about Z, Command & Conquer and other real time wargames.
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posted on 12 Sep 2010, 08:07 by Ozone
I got a brand new retail box of Z today for 6$! Now I just have to pray that it works on Seven.

posted on 04 Sep 2010, 20:42 by WalStar
Truly awesome game. Just been playing it and still has the gameplay factor to this day. Level 16 is hard as nails ! thought i'd check out to see if you can play it on-line but no luck yet :-( it's a pity Steel Soldiers sucked!

posted on 02 May 2010, 23:27 by tony ryan wolves
awsome game spent many an hour playing this one Z2 pleeeeese