Released: October 1991 Published by: Renegade

Platforms: Amiga, Atari ST, PC, Archimedes

Credits: Sean Griffiths (Design & Code), Mark Coleman (Graphic Design), Mike Montgomery (additional Code), Betty Boo 'Doin' the Doo' (Music), Richard Joseph (Sound), Dan Malone (Manual Artwork)

Description: Take on the role of the Bitmap Kid and venture into his magic pockets to retrieve his favourite toys which have been stolen by the monsters within.
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Atari ST

Magic Pockets is different from the usual Bitmap Bros games as its quite a cutesy game. While being cutesy it still has those trademark dark, super polished graphics, which is a bit of an odd combination but it works suprisingly well.

The story involves something to do with the main character 'The Bitmap Kid' having bottomless pockets, in which he keeps all his favourite toys along with all manner of monsters and baddies. For reasons best known to themselves, these bad guys decide to steal these toys and therefore the Bitmap Kid must venture into his pockets to retrieve them.

The game is comprised of four levels, the caves, the jungle, the lake and the mountain. Each level has one of the kids toys to collect including a bike, a boxing glove, a diving helmet and a space hopper. The kids pockets can also be used to power up weapons to fight the various baddies out to stop you in your quest. A quick press of the fire button will (on the cave level) release little whirlwinds, varying amounts of which will destroy any baddies confronting you. However, holding the fire button down before releasing it will produce a larger whirlwind which will trap the baddies inside so you can then jump on it for bonuses. The larger powered up ones can also be used to propel the kid onto higher platforms. These weapons vary from level to level and can be used for various tasks.

The games difficulty level is set to perfection, but to keep you on your toes, dither around too much on the levels and a bubble floats into the screen to trap the kid and rob him of a precious life. A lot of the fun of Magic Pockets is in discovering the little bonuses and secrets that the bitmaps always put into their games, so I wont give any of them away here.

The graphics are a strange combination of cutesy and dark which does work and definitely gives the game a unique look. The Bitmap Kid is unfortunately one of the ugliest characters in the game and probably scarier than most of the baddies, but he moves well and is well animated.

The intro music is 'Doin the Doo' by Betty Boo and is the perfect tune to start the game. Ingame sounds are also brilliant from popping bubble gum to the sound of little birdies whistling when baddies are knocked unconcious.

I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a platformer thats a bit different from the norm and also want a challenge at the same time. Magic Pockets was yet another gem from the Bitmap brothers and will appeal to a wide range of gamers.

posted on 28 Mar 2010, 20:44 by castor
That's it, i 've just done it again after all the years! 26th level , get a silver star, then a gold star, teletransport and you ll be in a secret room full of cakes and two bronze chalice (with a teleporter between them) on a platform.

posted on 28 Mar 2010, 19:27 by castor
Hum, as far as i remember, the bronze chalice is in the next to last level of the fourth world. (A very small level with a tons of monster).

It's why it's so hard to get the bronze chalice.

In the secret room you will also found several big cake for an "ultimate extra point bonus"!

posted on 30 Oct 2009, 00:07 by Graeme
I have Magic Pockets and play on my pc using DOSBox using my keyboard as the controler.

The game plays fine but at the end of a level when it wants you to enter a Game Code for example A1. I have the code sheet which indicates the 4 icons which correspond to the code but I have no idea how to enter them.

Would you know how to do it?

My email is