Released: 1996 Published by: Renegade

Platforms: Amiga (ECS or AGA), Sega MegaDrive (Demo)

Credits: Simon Knight (Gamedesign), Steve Cargill, Steve Kelly, Mark Vick, Mike Montgomery (Code), Gray Carr, Dan Malone, Terry Catrell, Colin McEvoy, Chris Thomas, Doug Walker (Graphics), Richard Joseph (Sound & Music)

Description: The sequel to The Chaos Engine with an unexpected twist. Theres no cooperation this time, compete against either the computer of a friend in various puzzle filled arenas.
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The Chaos Engine 2 is the follow up to the classic shooter/puzzler of the same name. With a long list of undisputed classic games now behind them, the Bitmaps seemed to have the golden touch, but gamers would have to wait three years for this new game.

The gameplay has been changed considerably from the first game. Its still a two player game but this time around you are pitted against either the computer or a friend.
After selecting a character (now reduced from six to four) you are given instructions from the Baron (remember him?) as to your objectives and then its into the game itself. The levels are now more arena like in design and completion usually depends upon collecting items or moving objects in order to amass more points that your adversary. This leads to some frantic two player moments of fun that will have you cursing or mocking your opponent in equal measures.

The changes made from the original game do work and games between two human players especially can be genuinely fun and challenging as you try to outwit each other and reach that required item. Unfortunately games against
the computer controlled character are fun at first but the novelty quickly wears off.

So why is it CE2 fails where the first game got it so right?

Upon loading CE2 something immediately springs to mind, and that is that something is not quite right. Its hard to pin down at first but some of the gloss that fans of their previous games had come to not only expect, but demand just isnt there. The first clue is the visuals. A lot of the graphics just seemed to have been ripped straight out of the first game to be used in the sequel. This just isnt consistant with the Bitmaps incredible attention to detail. Another clue is the difference in the gameplay. While it is fun it just isnt up to the same standard as The Chaos Engine. Unfortunately the design genius that lead to the legendary reputation of the Bitmaps is missing and it does show.

Overall CE2 is a nice game that suffers from the fact that it is in the shadow of a back catalogue of pure gold classics.

Compare CE2 to most games and it shines as a good example of a two player strategy based shoot em up, but standing next to its predecessors its outshined in just about every department.

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posted on 04 Mar 2007, 11:10 by Peter Dal Canton
Hallo, wäre es möglich das Demo von The Chaos Engine2 zu beziehen?

Für Mega Drive oder Amiga, würde mich freuen auf eine positive Antwort.

MFG peter dal canton e-mail:

posted on 03 Jan 2005, 01:17 by Generic Joe
CE1 was an awesome game, everything about it was great. But CE2? It was nice idea, but not as a follow up to CE1. The graphics are awful, they only look marginly better than NES graphics. The Bitmap Bros maybe should have created a different CE2 and released this game later as "Chaos Engine Arena" or something.

posted on 25 May 2004, 00:52 by dex
Hallo! :) erstmal - tolle Seite!! Was ich erwähnen wollte, es existiert auch eine "Beta" version von Chaos Engine 2 (!!!) für das Mega Drive/Genesis! Ist spielbar und ziemlich komplett!