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Welcome to the hint sections of Chaos Engine!

You have 3 choices to play:

* Either you start the 2 player mode, let the unwanted player die, and refuse the request to resurrect the dead player (you may have to unplug your mouse for that to work), which is the easiest of all possibilities, as you have to care only for one character, and have all the extras for yourself,

* Or you play it together with the computer controlled character, which some may find a bit complicated, because you do not only have to watch your steps, but also to predict those of the computer controlled character,

* Or you start the 2 player mode together with a friend, which also requires to watch your steps mutually, but allows you to plan together how to do it.

Each of the possibilities offers their own chances, so just try out what you find the best.

The playing with the computer character is very different from the play with only one character: He tends to wait before the monster generators not taking into account the monsters which can appear, shoots monsters while they are still in the generator and thus leave no coin behind or just shoots the entire generator when you wanted to get the coins from the appearing monsters, and sometimes triggers the map by cluelessness. In exchange, you are provided with some additional fire power, and he will solve some tricky situations for you, as the monsters nearly always attack you, and the computer character can shoot them easily.

If the computer controlled character doesnt collect an item that means that this item triggers something on the map. Unfortunately, the opposite is not true - the computer does take indeed, although rarely, some items which trigger the map.

If you take too long, it may well happen that the computer decides to pick up all he can get, which isnt exactly what you want. In such a case, you have only the chance to teleport him out by running away into the opposite direction. For the reason of collecting do not buy the computer more speed than youself have.

Some of the map triggers dont act instantly, but when you reenter the area they affect, which means that you can get access to more areas than initially planned by the designers. To complete all of the hidden puzzles, you need a disruption (eg dynamite) and a multidirection-shot special (eg shotburst). The Navvie has both of them, also the bomb of the Mercenary combines these both, although it requires some aiming practice to use it. These two characters are probably the best ones, the Navvie just beats the hell out of the enemies, whereas the shots of the Mercenary irritate the enemies and prevent them from facing you most of the time, and he can buy the first aid kit and has so a sensible use for the special powers.

Usually you do not want to buy energy in the shop, because an extra life is much cheaper, but there is a minimum of energy required to get the offer to increase your skill. The skill will be included in the level password. So it is rewarding to enter the shop with much energy.

You can also use the level password to cheat: You dont need that many specials like found, but their value is included in the level password. So when you start with a password you may use that money for something different. A way to outmanoeuvre baddies is to run back around the next corner, and shoot when the baddies head to you (also very useful for the kamikaze frogs). To get most of the money and goodies take the highest exit letter.

The values of the treasures are: small silver coin 5, small gold coin 10, each large silver coin 5, each gold ring 10, silver plate 100, gold plate 200.

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