Released: 1990 Published by: Image Works
(re-released 1992 published by Renegade)

Platforms: Atari ST, Amiga, IBM PC, Acorn Archimedes

Note: A Data-Disk for Cadaver called The Payoff was released 1991. There are 3 different playable demo versions of the game available for Atari ST and Amiga each with a unique level.

Description: Cadaver casts you as Karadoc the dwarf who must visit the hundreds of rooms while ascending the five levels of Castle Wulf. Starting in the depths of the castle, Karadoc must solve puzzles, kill assorted enemies, avoid deadly traps and collect the items necessary for his exit from the current level and progress up to the next floor of the castle.

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Atari ST

CADAVER - Review
Originally released in 1990, Cadaver was a change of direction for the Bitmap Brothers. An isometric puzzle game set in a fantasy medieval world, Cadaver instantly grabs you with its charm and stunning good looks.

The puzzles range from simply taking item A to point B, to disarming booby trapped treasure chests. Completion of the levels is never easy and Cadaver WILL cause you some frustration, but this was never meant to be a game for the impatient or the trigger happy. There are enemy creatures to be killed however, but the emphasis is really on thinking your way through.

The graphics are always gorgeous, from the dark depths of the first floor to the splendour of the Royal living areas of the upper levels. The quality of the visuals doesn't drop for a second and the game is always a treat visually. There is no in game music in Cadaver, but the sound effects are nice and clear and serve their purpose well.

The interface is also very intuitive using a combination of joystick and keyboard. Inventory space is limited but this rarely becomes a problem and if the problem does arise then dropping an item in a room for retrieval later is easily done.

Cadaver is not a game that will suit everyone. If you like your games fast and furious then I suggest you look elsewhere (other Bitmap Brothers games). If however you like a serious mental challenge and have bags of patience, then Cadaver is a hugely enjoyable game that should definitely not be missed.

Released: 1991 Published by: Renegade

Platforms: Atari ST, Amiga, IBM PC, Acorn Archimedes(?)

Note: The Payoff was sold separately or already included in re-releases of Cadaver (Kixx XL Release, The Bitmap Brothers Compilation).

Description: Data-Disk for 'Cadaver': Dianos is dead. The Cadaver contract has been fulfilled. But collecting your reward will prove more difficult than you had ever imagined.

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The Payoff was released a few months after Cadaver to continue the story after Karadoc's victory over the evil necromancer Dianos. Now Karadoc is back in Wulfheim searching for his patrons.

The four levels of The Payoff are in the same style and quality as the original Cadaver levels. They are large and challenging enough to keep the player busy for weeks, until all the secrets of Wulfheim are unveiled. The gameplay of the Payoff levels goes a bit more in the direction of more action, like fighting monsters with various spells and weapons or quickly doing some very difficult tasks in order to proceed, than solving much puzzles. Don't get me wrong: there are mindbending puzzles to solve too but there are more fights against creatures than in the original levels.

The Payoff is a great addition to Cadaver, so fans of the original game will love this set of new levels.

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