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Credits: Eric Matthews (Design), Steve Tall (Design,Code), Mark Coleman (Graphics), Richard Joseph (Sound), Mike Montgomery (additional Code), Nation XII (Music), Simon Bisley (Box Picture)

IBM PC US Version

Atari ST

Atari ST

Details: On the backside of the box (Amiga/Atari/IBM PC) you find these screenshots from game scenes not included in the final version of the game. They may originate from a preview version.

Tip: Gods is playable with the Atari ST Emulator Steem.



Comment: ...just like on the ST, but sounds a bit different.
Details: There are small differences in some graphic details.

Tips: Gods is playable with the Amiga Emulator WinUAE.
Use WHDLoad to play Gods from HD.



Comment: good conversion
Details: Differences are: no copper background (of course), inventory/status/score combined in a board.

Tip: Gods is playable under DOS(!) on any CPU (386 and above).

Acorn Archimedes

Acorn Archimedes (German Distribution)

Credits: Richard Walker (Archimedes Conversion)

Comment: very good conversion
Details: The box looked a bit like a low budged edition. The German manual is censored for religious reasons by the german distributor (no joke!). GODS on Archimedes is a very good conversion from Richard Walker under the label of Krisalis. Differences are: no copper background and no green rasterbar at the bottom, messages are displayed in blue letters.

Tip: Gods is playable with the Archimedes Emulators Red Squirrel and Archie.


Sega Mega Drive (Euro Version - PAL)

Credits: Gary J. Foreman (Sega Conversion), Jason Page (Sega Sound), John Foxx (Music), Mark Coleman, Eric Matthews, Phillip Williams (additional Graphics)

Comment: good conversion
Details: The European version was licensed to Accolade. The colors are different from the Amiga version. As screen background a bitmap layer is used and the status/inventory/score is combined in a scoreboard - like in the PC version but with different colors. The game plays significantly faster here, so the Amiga version looked a bit sluggish afterwards. On the game consoles (SEGA & Nintendo) GODS had some additional animations in the intro and outro and an animated 'Game Over' sequence. The famous picture of the axe warrior and the great intro tune 'Into the Wonderful is missing. The title music and the in-game tunes are not really exciting. The sound effects are okay.

Tip: Gods is playable with MegaDrive/Genesis Emulators like Gens, Kega ... .

Sega Genesis (US - NTSC)

Details: The US version was licensed to Mindscape. The greenish box with the new picture looked poor (to not say ugly).

Sega Genesis (Japan - NTSC)

Details: The Japanese version was licensed to 'PCM complete'. Aside from the 'PCM complete' screen and Japanese in-game texts (messages) there are no differences.


Super Nintendo (Euro - PAL)

Credits: Bob Trevellyan (Nintendo Conversion), David Whittaker (Sound Conversion)

Comment: moderate conversion
Details: The license goes to Mindscape. The color palette is based on the Sega version but the sprites looked 'over colored' and don't fit well in the scene. Because of the lower screen resolution of the SNES, you'll see less from the scenery and the scoreboard looked as it is pushed in the screen. The stylish decent design of the original version is gone by misuse of the SNES hardware. Sound-wise the same as the Sega version.

Tip: Gods is playable with SNES Emulators like SNES9X, ZSNES ... .

Super Nintendo (US - NTSC)

Details: different box design (the same ugly picture as the US version).