Playing Tips & Shopping Guide

General advice

Gods is split into four levels with each level containing three 'worlds'. There is more than one way to complete each and no world needs to be fully completed to finish the game. There are many hidden puzzles and sections which do not need to be solved but which can provide rewards. The difficulty level should gradually increase from level one to level four. If you come across a section in the game which seems particularly difficult to complete, this may be an indication that there is no need to complete the section to finish the game. Such difficult areas are generally 'bonus' sections which if completed will reward you with treasure. Some worlds have 'short cuts' which enable the level to be completed quickly but you may lose out on treasure and other bonuses by taking them. It is up to you to experiment with the game to find out what is best to do.


In Gods, all monsters have attributes that define their strengths, weakness and behaviour. The attribute which sets how many times a monster must be hit before it dies is called the aliens 'hit point' attribute. A weak (low hit point) monster would have perhaps 10 hit points where a stronger monster could have 250 or more. As you progress through the game you will notice that the monsters become more intelligent. This means that they will be more effective at carrying out their objectives, to either kill you, avoid you or steal treasure. In general it is not wise to attack thieves as they are usually helpful.

Weapons also have attributes which define their behaviour and effectiveness. The weapons 'hit point' score determines how powerful it is. For example, to kill a monster with 20 hit points would require 20 throws of a one hit point weapon (such as a knife) or four throws of a five hit point weapon (such as a fireball). Obviously, with weapons, the higher the 'hit point' rating the better. A weapon can either stop when it hits a monster or travel through it. Weapons which can travel through monsters are clearly more effective as the weapon might do even more damage to another monster behind the first. Also weapons which go through monsters cause more damage to each monster. This ability of weapons should be taken into account when choosing the right weapon. For example, in a situation where you are firing at three monsters in a line, a throwing star (two hit points) will be much more effective than a mace (three hit points). This is because the throwing star will do at least two hit points damage to each alien (a total of six plus) where the mace will only achieve three hit points damage in total. The third characteristic which should be taken into account when selecting weapons is whether or not the weapon collides with walls when it is thrown. Weapons which go past walls are generally more effective. Generally, the value of the weapon reflects its usefulness.


Type Cost Hit-Points Stop on Walls Stop on Monsters In shop
Knife 02500  1 yes yes level 1
Throwing star 05000  2 yes no level 1
Mace 07500  3 yes yes level 3
Fireball 12500  5 yes yes level 1
Hunter 15000  5 no yes level 4
Magic axe 15000  3 yes yes level 2
Spear 17500  6 no no level 2
Axe 17500  4 no no level 3
Time bomb 20000 20 no no no
Lightning bolt 30000 25 no no no

Correct use of potions can be helpful in completing many sections of the game. Because you can usually only carry three items in the inventory it is not always wise to buy too many potions in the shop as there will then be no room for carrying other objects that may be necessary for solving the puzzles. If you are familiar with the section of the game after the shop, try and think ahead and plan which potions would be most useful and where you would be most likely to use them. Then you can decide how many potions it is safe to buy without risking having to drop a potion when you don't want to.

Power Potions

Power potions are used to increase the effectiveness of weapons. Buying or picking up a power potion increases the damage done by all of your weapons. A weapon that is powered up once will have one extra hit point and fire in two directions. A weapon that is powered up twice will have two extra hit points and fire in three directions. After being powered up twice, weapons continue increasing in hit points each time you get another power potion. Small power potions power up weapons once. Large power potions power up weapons twice. The same effect can be achieved by picking up or buying multiples of the same weapon. For example, buying an axe and a large power potion is the equivalent of buying three axes. Considering that power potions effect all the weapons, they are obviously a far more economical way of increasing weapon hit points than buying multiples of the same weapon. In levels 2, 3 and 4 the power-ups increase in value to 17500 for a small and 32000 a large.

  Type Description Value
Chicken restores energy 00650
Apple restores energy 01000
Weapon arc standard 01000
Weapon arc intense 01000
Weapon arc wide 01000
Bread restores energy 01300
Small health restores energy 04000
Magic potion freezes monsters 04000
Shield invulnerability 05000
Magic wings effects familiar 05000
Power potion increases weapon power 06000
Large health restores energy 08000
Starburst   10000
Power claws effects familiar 10000
Power potion increses weapon power 12000
  Shield reduces damage 20000
Extra life   20000
Familiar   30000

Extra lives

Extra lives are plentiful in Gods. They can be found in treasure rooms but they can also be awarded for clever play and for scoring points. Extra lives can also be given to help to a player that is doing badly. Extra lives are awarded for points at the following milestones: 50.000, 160.000, 300.000, 500.000 points and then every 200,000 points.

Fire crystals are also awarded for scoring points. These are given at the following scores: 100.000, 250.000, 400.000, 600.000 points and then every 200,000 points.

These bonuses only apply when playing from the start of the game (level one). If you use a password to start from another level then bonuses will be missed equivalent to the number of levels skipped. For instance, starting at level three, your first extra life will be at 300,000 points and your first fire chrystal will be awarded at 400,000 points.


Gods Shopping Guide by Achim H.

This guide states the items you should (or are forced) to collect and what to buy. Always buy health as necessary. The items in parentheses are optionally.

Level1 World1 Collect 2 Knifes, Half power-up
  World2 Collect Narrow Weapon Arc, (Knife)
  Shop1 Buy Throwing star x3, Standard Weapon Arc, (Shield potion)
  World3 If you bought the shield, I recommend the use at the upper platform before the trapdoor (where the Minotaurheads are from both sides).
Collect 2 Fireballs, (Lightning bolt - if you play the game after the second completion, you need it to defeat the guardian).
  Shop2 Buy Magic Axe, Half Power Potion, Life
Level2 World1 Collect (Wide Weapon Arc), Standard Weapon Arc(s)
  World2 Collect NOT the narrow weapon arc, Standard Weapon Arc
  Shop1 Buy Spear, Half Power Potion, Life, (Shield potion)
  World3 If you bought the shield, I recommend the use at the very far left just before the treasure room.
Collect 2 Spears, one more spear, Half power potion
  Shop2 Life, (Shield potion)
Level3 World1 If you bought the shield, I recommend the use at the room with the attract potion.
Collect: NOT the time bomb, 3 maces, (3 maces, Wide weapon arc,) 1 spear, Half power potion, Wide weapon arc or Half power potion.
  Shop1 Buy Axe, Full (Half) Power Potion, (Large Shield). Note: There is a half health token near the Start.
  World2 Collect: Standard Weapon Arc
  World3 Collect: Wide Weapon Arc, Standard Weapon Arc
  Shop2 Buy Hunter, Large Shield, Life, (Shield potion)
Level4 World1 If you have the shield potion, I recommend the use either to get the key if you missed lever 6 in time, or at the area around lever 10.
Collect: Hunter, Hunter, NOT the timebombs (if you can get the key).
  Shop Buy (Hunter if you have fewer than 3,) Large Shield, Life, Shield potion
  World2 I recommend to use the shield potion at the stairs to the laboratory.
Collect: Standard weapon arc, (Familiar, Hunter)
  World3 Collect: 2 Spears :-(, Spear, (Mace,) Axes, Standard Weapon Arc, (Full Power Potion)