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With GODS the Bitmap Brothers strengthened their reputation as a developer of excellent games with thought-out and typical design which they had already achieved with games like Xenon (2), Speedball (2) and Cadaver. The game was released in 1991 for the Amiga and the Atari ST, as well as for the IBM PC and the Acorn Archimedes. In 1992 conversions of GODS appeared for the game consoles of Sega (MegaDrive / Genesis) and Nintendo (SNES). The game itself is more a platform adventure than just a Jump'n Run. In altogether 12 sections (4 Level of 3 worlds) of unveiling the secret of an antique city, puzzles must to be solved and crowds of evil inhabitants must be fought.

... and these pages.

On these pages I've collected some information and GODS related materials.

This Webshrine is divided into two parts: 

General Informations
By clicking the boxes on the left side you can enter sections with informations about and around the game. Here you'll find the manual, reviews, galleries of screenshots and scans and some (legal!) files.

The Guides
The doors on the right side are leading to the level guides - a walk through GODS. In the guides most secrets of the game will be unveiled. If you've played GODS already in the past, the guides are a good place to check what secrets you've missed and how they can be achieved.

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