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The Story

A city lost in legend
An unconquered warrior seeking reward
A challenge laid down by the Gods
The greatest prize of all - immortality

4 great events combine to bring forth a burning legend.
Re-live that legend

Who would have thought that a man would be so foolish or so daring as to accept a challenge set down by the Gods? And yet one came forward to claim the right to test his skills and strengths against a city so legendary its name alone struck fear in the hearts of all who heard it spoken.

Firstly, let us talk of this city.

None can be sure that the city even exists for no-one has ever seen it. It was built by the Gods, a plaything, great temples, hidden underworlds, fiendish labyrinths and soaring towers. It is a city stolen by the forces of darkness, the abode of nightmare hosts, the dwelling of fearsome killers, the dominion of four great guardians.

Secondly who is the hero?

Has anyone matched him in battle ? No.
Has he ever turned aside from his sole quest ? Never.
Is he not therefore a hero among heroes ? Undoubtedly.
In his travels our warrior has become skilled in all the weapons of war; he is strong and he is unflinching, what of all the prizes of the world does he seek ? He wishes to join those fickle masters of the human race - the Gods themselves.


Thirdly I shall recount the challenge of the Gods

Were the Gods only joking when they laid their challenge? Uncaring and unthinking on Mount Olympus they thought that no-one would hear their rash words:

Any man may earn through skill and courage a single favour of the Gods if he will face the fear of the ancient city and stay the four great guardians who have stolen our citadel from us.

Through their contempt for man did they not bring about their own undoing? For never before had such an untamed reward been offered to the mortals. But who from the ranks of man would face destruction at such odds ? Surely none.

Only One.

Finally, what did the hero ask of the Gods?

Immortality breeds contempt and the Gods, so long uncaring for the events of man, know nothing of the exploits of our hero. He stands before them showing neither fear nor disdain and asks the Gods that shall he return, fulfilling completely their quest, he will join them as an equal and a brother. The horror, the impertinence the mistake realized too late the gateway lies open to their domain where no mortal man ever trod before. But the word of the Gods may not be broken and only the hope of the hero's failure comforts them as the warrior departs for the City of Legends, preparing to carve one more story on its walls...


Gods is a game of exploration, combat and adventure. You assume the role of a classical hero who has taken up the challenge of the Gods. In order to gain the ultimate prize of immortality you must slay the four guardians of the city and return to Mount Olympus. The four guardians rule over an ancient city full of chaotic beasts. The city was once the citadel of the Gods and consists of four levels each protected by one of the guardians and their many minions. The levels are: the city, the temple, the labyrinth and the underworld. Each level is split into three sections referred to as 'worlds'.


From version to version displaying the status is a bit different. In the Amiga, Atari and Archimedes Version important informations are displayed in the corners of the screen - the number of lives in the top left corner, the health (displayed as a glass flask with a golden sparkling liquid) in the bottom left corner and the score in the bottom right corner. The inventory is only visible while accessing - when the hero picks-up or drops an object. In the IBM PC and the game console versions all status informations and the inventory are displayed in a board at the bottom of the screen. While fighting a Guardian, the enemies health is displayed as glass flask too.



In order to fulfill your quest you must venture through the levels of the city, these are now the home of chaotic hordes of monsters which must be overcome, to do this you must fight. Scattered throughout the city are many weapons, some of these will be powerful and others weak, these weapons are essential if you are to defeat the creatures you will face. As well as weapons that you may find, it is possible to purchase others at shops located within each level.

Different weapons have different strengths and qualities, discovering the nature of each weapon will help you succeed.

Collecting several of the same weapon will make your shots more effective..

Several weapons may be used at the same time, find out which are compatible for ultimate fighting ability.

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