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Demo / Tools

GODS '4 A.M. Mix'
(Amiga/zip) 544k

The Bitmap Brothers

playable Demo Version (Amiga)

GODS '4 AM Mix'
(Atari ST/zip) 448k

The Bitmap Brothers

Disk Image of ST Format Disk #21. Thanks to Mike Duncan!

GODS '4 AM Mix'
(DOS PC/zip) 254k

The Bitmap Brothers

playable Demo Version (DOS PC)
runs under Win9x/XP, even on fast machines

GODS HD Installer (Links):

JF Fabre's JST install page

Amiga HD Installers for GODS

Gods Java remake

JF Fabre's remake of Amiga version of Gods


Into The Wonderful
(zipped MOD) 204k

Nation XII
Richard Joseph

The Original.

GODS ReMix `91
(zipped MOD) 226k

Barry Leitch

3D Demo 2
(zipped MOD) 159k

Martin Schioler
aka Mad Freak

GODS inspired music from Anarchy's 3D Demo 2

GODS Club 2k1 Mix
(zipped MOD) 476k

Malc Jennings

Thanks Malc! Please visit his Amiga and CPC emulation sites ALE and CPC Zone.

Bluejooz' GODS ReMIX
(zipped MP3pro) 1.75M


Excellent techno remix of the title tune. Bluejooz website seems to be down, damn!

(MP3) 5.6M


Another excellent remix of the title tune

Introga GODS ReMIX
(MP3) 8.2M

DJ Galaxy

Yet another excellent remix of the title tune


City Map
(zipped PNG) 240k

level 1 map

Temple Map
(zipped PNG) 522k

level 2 map

Labyrinth Map
(zipped PNG) 355k

level 3 map

Underworld Map
(zipped PNG) 459k

level 4 map

Sprite Pack

offline - in preparation